Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nerds are Forgetful…and Weird

Library lost and founds are chock-full of things people have left behind.

Often times it’s something small and innocuous like a stocking cap, an umbrella or a notebook.

Other times it’s something more important like a cellphone, a laptop or an iPod.

Then there are the other other times where it’s something completely random.

With that, I present to you, my Faithful Readers, the three items left in the library today:

Yeah, that’s right folks…that’s a jug of milk, some roast beef, and a squeaky shark that has water in it. The water actually shoots out of the shark’s teeth and is pretty bad-ass.

The scarier part is that—from what the students told me when they brought these items up to the desk at closing time—none of these items were together. Three different people seemingly left behind these three completely random items.

Nerds are weird.

PS: If you want some roast beef and/or milk, it’s in the fridge in my office.

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