Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Gigantic Heartless Corporations Aren’t ALL Bad

The fine folks at Microsoft sent me this little ditty today thanking me for a decade of loyal devotion to Hotmail.

I feel kind of bad that Bill Gates took all the time to create this wonderful visual presentation just for me. I mean come on, look at the research he did to decipher what was hot a decade ago.

It makes me feel bad because I almost never use Hotmail anymore.

It’s weird how quickly that changed. A decade ago it was essentially Hotmail, Yahoo!, and AOL.

Today there’s about a gajillion different places you can have an email account and most people have a handful scattered across the mighty landscape of the interwebs.

Off the top of my head I can think of at least six different email accounts I have, only two of which I use with any regularity.

Unfortunately, Hotmail is no longer one of them.

Anymore, I’d say I log onto Hotmail—at the absolute most—once a week. There have been multiple stretches of a month or better where I’ve forgotten to check it and come back only to find it littered with 10,000 messages. Two or three of which have come from real people.

Nowadays Hotmail serves purpose as the place where I keep and send all of my fantasy baseball stuff from and the place that holds 32% of the world’s junkmail.

As such, it’s quite lovely of Mr. Gates to take the time out of his busy day of diving into coins like Scrooge McDuck and freebasing the bone marrow of babies just to make me a personalized thank you such as this one.

What a swell fella.

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