Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Zooey Strikes Again

Anyone who has swung by BSBP a time or two is well aware of my crush on a certain gal by the name of Zooey.

For those not in the know, I’m referring the one and only, Zooey Deschanel.

Zooey has received heaps of praise and/or quasi-stalker attention from me over the course of the past year or so and today she gets a little more.

Today I was introduced to the debut music video for “In the Sun.” (MegaProps to Margaret for the heads up on this one!!)

You see, Zooey isn’t just an adorable actress. She’s also a singer and a pretty nifty one at that. She’s in a band with a pretty chill dude by the name of M. Ward.

Collectively they’re known as She & Him.

The duo released their first album, simply titled Volume One, two years ago in March of 2008.

The album had some pretty kickin’ tunes including: “Sentimental Heart,” “This is Not a Test,” and the infectious (in a good way, not like gonorrhea) “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?

Zooey would soon prove that her talents aren’t limited to simply acting and singing, however, with the release of a music video tie-in for the release of the totally bad-ass flick 500 Days of Summer.

In the aforementioned video, Zooey proved that dancing was also solidly engrained in her repertoire of things that make her oh-so-very crushworthy.

Where is all of this going you ask, my Faithful Readers? Well let me tell you.

In the new video for “In the Sun” (off of She and Him’s second album Volume Two) Zooey combines all of the previously mentioned special skills with yet another spectacular ability that is sure to please her adoring fans…hula hooping!!

That’s right, ladies and gents…Zooey appears to be an accomplished hula hooper in addition to her bevy of other talents.

Best of luck not falling in love with her:

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