Monday, March 08, 2010

Cheeseburger Chronicles #034 & #035

I warned y’all early on in the Cheeseburger Chronicles that I’d probably end up eating more than my fair share of awful burgers over the course of the year.

One of the places I spotlighted with that reference is Wendy’s. More specifically, the ghetto Wendy’s that resides oh-so-close to my apartment in Central Square. Somehow, I’ve only gobbled down three burgers there thus far. Not bad nearly 70 days into the new(ish) year, right?!

Anyway…I broke down on Sunday and had some more “Shame Broiled” burgers at Wendy’s.

As is all-too-often the case, I hadn’t eaten all day.

I’d woken up quasi-late and then wasted most of my morning on coffee and the interwebs before meandering off—into what was either upstate New York or southeastern Canada—for a performance by the one and only TPN and the Metropolitan Wind Symphony.

Upon arriving back in Central Square I realized that I was pretty much famished.

I’d sorta come to this conclusion on the subway when—whilst stuck for 45+ minutes—I was sizing up each and every person on the train to determine who would make the best meal if we were down there any longer (read: another 16 minutes) and I were forced to go cannibal.

Anyway, when I popped out of the subway what stood before me?! Well it was none other than the ghetto Wendy’s…the rest, is history.

Cheeseburgers #034 and #035

What: Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers (no tomato)

When: March 7, 2010

Where: Wendy’s in Central Square

How (was it): Oddly enough, they were pretty good.

I ordered some of the new(ish) spicy chicken nuggets as a backup plan, but the burgers were actually pretty good.

Maybe it’s because it was a very, very, very slow Sunday afternoon and they were legitimately only making things as they were ordered (thus the 10 minute wait) and/or I was just so damned hungry I’d have thought anything— short of those f’n sliders—tasted pretty good at that point.

No matter what the reason, they were good burgers. I didn’t even get that weird quasi-pukey feeling I usually get about an hour after eating at Wendy’s. So that’s a huge plus.

…perhaps I’m setting the bar too low?!

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