Monday, March 08, 2010

Cheeseburger Chronicles #033

Last Friday a bunch of my peeps from work all got together at our local watering hole—“The Muddy”—for some much needed end of the week brews.

After a few hours of drinking frosty beers, devouring Doritos, and posing for photographs with an ill-begotten ping-pong trophy we all decided it was time to get our hands on some substantial food.

As one might expect, I suggested we all meander up the road to Four Burgers. Much to my surprise, everyone was all about it and away we went for a delicious burger adventure.

Cheeseburger #033

What: Cheeseburger

When: March 5, 2010

Where: Four Burgers

How (was it): F-ing bad ass!!

As always, Four Burgers made one of the finest burgers I’ve had in a long time.

I’ve been on a bad run of piss-poor burgers lately so this was a refreshing change of pace and left me super happy in the tum-tum.

Additionally, everyone else seemed to enjoy their burgers as well, which made me super happy. I’ve been ranting and raving about Four Burgers for so long that one bad burger out of the bunch would have killed all of my burger-related street cred and lord knows I can’t afford to be losing anymore street cred.

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