Monday, March 08, 2010

Cheeseburger Chronicles #032

Obviously, I’m playing catch-up today with my Cheeseburger Chronicles posts.

I usually try to get ‘em up as quickly as possible, but I’ve regretfully fallen way behind on my blogging.

As such, all y’all get an onslaught of burger-related posts.


Cheeseburger #032

What: Cheeseburger

When: March 3, 2010

Where: My Kitchen

How (was it): Not so good.

Rather than just buy ground beef and make the patties myself, I bought some of the pre-made patties from the deli. They were on sale and cost roughly the same as buying a pound of loose burger, so I figured what the hell and bought ‘em.

Bad move.

The pre-made patty was very, very dense and super fatty.

As such, it cooked very unevenly. The outside was well-done while the middle was still raw. Not rare, mind you, but raw. Like uncooked and gross.

The only real way to remedy it at that point was to slit the burger so the insides would cook a lil faster, which they did, but the outside continued to get all charcoaled up.

In the end, despite melting a delicious piece of provolone and eloquently seasoning the burger ahead of time, it was still an overcooked hockey puck by the time I got around to consuming it.

At least it was better than my previous burger experience. Little victories, right?!

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