Thursday, February 04, 2010

Sad Realization of the Morning

 I was meandering into work this morning when I stumbled upon a group of nerdy scientist looking dudes.

These cats were discussing the need for some new machine or piece of equipment or kegerator or something. Here’s how the conversation went…

Nerdy Scientist #1: “Well a new machine or piece of equipment or kegerator will run us about $30,000…”
Nerdy Scientist #2: “Oh…well at that price maybe we should just go ahead and buy two of them, it would speed up our work.”
Nerdy Scientist #3: “We might as well get a third one, since they’re so cheap, to have around just in case something happens to the first two.”
Nerdy Scientist #2: “Ah yes, then we won’t lose any time waiting for a replacement.”

…as I sauntered passed these white coats, I couldn’t get around the fact that I make roughly $30,000 in an entire freakin’ year.

These dudes were about to drop that amount—roughly three times over—in a matter of like a two minute phone call.


I’ve really gotta win the lottery.