Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Newest Superpower and/or My Dumb Luck

My Faithful Readers, I don’t want to alarm you, but I might have superpowers.

Sort of.

Well, maybe not at all. It’s far more likely that I am:

a) really lucky
b) the beneficiary of a malfunctioning machine

Either way, I feel pretty bad-ass about the whole thing.

There’s a Coke machine at MIT that hooks me up with a free can roughly 33% of the time.

Call me crazy, but that’s a pretty solid percentage.

That fact notwithstanding, I don’t do anything to abuse this glorious gift from the Coke gods.

You see, I used to walk by this machine a lot more often when I lived in Southie and took the subway to and from work every day. I’d say only once a week or so would I press my luck and try for the mystical free Coke.

Since moving to Cambridge, I’ve only encountered this machine a handful of times and I’ve been a little more willing to press my luck (and the button) every time I saunter by the machine.

My first Coke came as a total shock to me. I was walking by the machine on my way to the subway one night after work and as I passed a bank of vending machines, I just started randomly pressing buttons, why I don’t know, and suddenly one push produced a loud clanging noise and then a beautiful red can suddenly appeared.

It took a minute to register, but then I did a happy dance and popped the top on my free Coke.

This happened, at random, roughly four more times.

Then it stopped. I went months without getting a free soda.

We moved to Cambridge and I never thought of the machine again.

Then, the other day whilst searching for an elusive Taco Truck (blog entry forthcoming) I sauntered by the machine and gave it a push. Nothing happened, but I figured I’d try my luck again the next time I ventured that way in search of the aforementioned ninja-like Taco Truck.

My next trip came a week later and *BAM* that machine Coked me up something fierce.

As one might expect, I gave the machine a hug and went on my merry way.

…but you can bet your bottom dollar, I’ll be headed for that machine the next time I’m on that side of campus.

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