Thursday, February 04, 2010

A Moment with Grace

Grace has a tendency to do this involuntary kick thing after she first falls asleep and occasionally throughout the night.

Needless to say, there have been many instances that resulted in my getting kneed in places that don’t mesh well with knees. Last night was one of those times, only last night was a little different.

Instead of the usual one and done with the knees, she hit me with a delayed-double shot, which was freakin’ awful.

The first came at like two in the morning. I was lying there and then BAM—knees to the pills and I let out a sad little whimper and rolled over for the sake of protection and so Grace wouldn’t wake up to see my sad, whiny little “I just got nailed in the stones” face.

Like ten minutes later, BAM—knees to the tailbone. I let out a yelp, like a tiny dog that was too ambitious underfoot and rolled over and said:

Cap’n Charisma: "Grace…what the hell, dude?!"

Grace replied in a string of mumbles, grumbles, and a few moderately audible words.

The official response sounding like this:

Grace: "mumble mumble mumble girls like the Holocaust and glitter pens mumble mumble mumble…"

She then rolled over and went right back to being blissfully unconscious whilst I sat on the other side of the bed in obvious pain and trying to decipher her mumblings.

This morning I asked her about it and she didn’t remember any of it, but when I told her what she said she gave a very Gracian response:

Grace: "…yeah, that sounds right. Girls do like the Holocaust and glitter pens."

Then she went right back to getting ready for the day as though it wasn’t weird at all.

She makes me nervous.

UPDATE: Per Grace's rather adamant request, I want to clarify that Grace does not, nor has she ever, supported Nazis and/or the Holocaust. Her reference was toward Holocaust literature. Apparently girls love themselves some good Holocaust literature.