Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cheeseburger Chronicles #019

Oops! I did it again.

What do you expect? I purchased a pound and a half of hamburger and a whole bag of buns, why wouldn’t I make myself another burger for supper?

Tonight I mixed things up a little. I chopped up a bunch of onion and mixed in Tapatillo with the burger before making the patty. It gave it some real kick. Good stuff.

Cheeseburger #019

What: Cheeseburger

Where: My Kitchen

When: February 16, 2010

How (was it): It was hella good.

Like so good I’m contemplating making another one, but I can only assume that Grace would flip out about heart attacks and strokes and whatnot. Nobody wants that.

The onions on the outside got all crispy and crunchy; the ones on the inside were still all raw and powerful.

The Tapatillo gave it some real punch which was awesome and it all blended perfectly with the two slices of melty American cheese.

Honestly, if there’s a better cheese for a burger than American, I’ve yet to find it.

Anyone out there got a fave cheese other than good ole American?! Lemme hear it…

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