Thursday, November 05, 2009

A Moment with Grace

Grace says some pretty intriguing stuff.

Some of it is funny. Some of it is serious. Some of it is bat-shit crazy.

Most of it is in song…because she thinks life is one gigantic musical.

Anyway, tonight we were talking about our upcoming anniversary—it’s this Saturday, November 7th, for those of you in the present buying business—and more importantly we were discussing our plan to not buy each other gifts.

We’ve decided instead to pool our money to buy some things we both want for around the apartment and a soon-to-be-blogged-about remodeling(ish) of our spare room. As such, we’re making our first-ever trek to IKEA next week, wait, I’m getting off topic…

…anyway, Grace doesn’t believe that I haven’t gotten her a gift.

In fact, she has blatantly accused me of getting her a gift and she is annoyed because she is worried she’ll have to run out last minute and try to find me a gift.

Anyway, that’s all the back-story you need, here’s the little ditty that brought it all home:

“This always happens! We say we’re not going to get each other anything and then you go out and get me an SUV and I get you a picture frame and I look like an ass!!”

…and there you have it, my Faithful Readers, your moment with Grace.