Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Poor Decision-Making

I don't know why, but tonight I purchased a six-pack of frozen White Castle cheeseburgers.

Let's be honest here, normally when I'm drunk and in search of food I wander to McDonald's or I get a sub at some pizza joint. I have the McDonald's Embargo in full-effect, so that was a non-option. As such, logic would say tonight was a good-night for a sub.

Unfortunately that didn't happen tonight. No, no...for some reason I decided tonight that I'd rather buy some frozen mini-cheeseburgers from 7-11 and gobble 'em down at home.

I now regret that decision like you can't believe.

The burgers were so f'n gross. It took like seventeen minutes of microwaving to get them even remotely warm. Half of them were still frozen, the other half were roughly the same heat as the sun.

As a result, here I sit...I've got a burnt tongue and a belly full-o-shitty, frozen burgers.

I've never eaten at a real White Castle, but if this crap is any indication, I have no intention of ever giving my money to a White Castle.

If you'll excuse me, I now need to spend the rest of my night rocking back-and-forth on my couch whimpering about the unfortunate decision I made earlier this evening.