Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Motivational Seeker

Back in November, just prior to my 25th birthday, I wrote an entry entitled ”Five Good Years.” In that entry I rambled on and on (as I’m wont to do) about the numerous ways I was hoping to “better myself” as a 25-year old.

One of which I can now proclaim to have triumphantly accomplished.

That’s right, my Faithful Readers, I’ve officially been on a successful gym regimen for roughly a month and a half now!!

I’m sure all y’all who are my Facebook friends have noticed…and been confused by…the recent surge of the phrase “at the gym” as my status (read: the poor man’s Twitter).

Well I figure you can’t put it as your status and then not go, right?! So logically nothing says commitment like a Facebook status update!

Anyway, Facebook status notwithstanding, I’ve been going three to four times a week for a solid six weeks now and I’m feeling pretty freakin’ good about it.

In fact, the reason I’m writing is because I officially dropped below 190 pounds today!!

Not that I’m by any means overweight or trying to lose weight, but I figured I wanted to wait until I’d stuck with the gym long enough to drop ten pounds before I went around bragging about being some sort of dedicated gym rat.

For the most part I’m going because I haven’t really been “in shape” in years.

I was in great shape in high school—but who wasn’t?!

I ran a mile in under six minutes during my senior year, a feat that would no doubt kill me if attempted in the present day.

I was able to play basketball, jumping up and down the court for hours without much more than some minor discomfort in my knees. Now my knees pop, crack and occasionally just give-way for no better reason than a stiff breeze caught ‘em by surprise.

My back hurt then, as it has always hurt, but not quite the way it does now. Some days it takes me half an hour or better to get myself out of bed and mobile.

Anyway, back to the point, I’m not “in shape” and I’ve regressed greatly over the years. In high school I had PE two or three times a week and played sports both for the school and with my friends.

Hands down the best shape I have ever been in was the summer before I came to college. I was running anywhere from three to ten miles a day, in training for Hartley, Iowa’s annual SummerFest…a story for another time and place, perhaps a future “Confessions” entry.

Anyway, college rolled around and I stayed in decent shape. I played lots of basketball and football with some occasional games of slow-pitch softball thrown in the mix. I also ate my fair share of pizzas and buffalo wings at three in the morning. By the end of college I was only playing slow-pitch softball which was accompanied by a dozen or so frosty adult beverages.

Somewhere in the mix, I also had a collapsed lung that required a big ole surgery and to be honest—I’ve never really been motivated enough to bounce back from it. I’ve had some reoccurring issues with the lung as well, that always seem to happen when I think I’m getting myself back into decent shape and then I sorta give up again.

So this go‘round is my latest—and by far my most successful—attempt to get my ass back into shape.

The hard part has been trying to come up with something to serve as motivation for going. In high school, I could always say it was for baseball season. In college, it could have been to win an intramural championship. Now…um…I want to be in tip-top condition for checking out library books?!

The only thing I’ve got right now is slow-pitch softball, but that’s a bit of a stretch.

You can wake up with a horrible hangover, a torn rotator cuff and body cast from the waist down and still be considered in “game shape” for my softball league.

I thought about convincing myself I was training for the annual flag football game that me and The Boys play in Hartley every December 26th, “Christmas Bowl.”

The thing is, again, I don’t need to be in any kind of shape to jog up and down a frozen football field and try to catch the six or seven passes that are going to come my way all day. I’ve proven that in each of the previous five years.

I gave up on being a professional wrestler a few years back, so that’s not even relevant anymore. Watching a few of those Ultimate Fighter reality shows led me to believe I’m not a big enough tool to join the cage fighting circuit, so that’s out.

I guess for now I’ll stick with the motivation that maybe I’ll make it past my thirtieth birthday?!

Plus I’ve developed a pec. So that’s something.

Just the one, so far…but it’s pretty sweet.