Friday, March 20, 2009

Big Fella?!

So I was wandering across the street to the Student Center to snag a burrito for lunch.

When I crossed the street there was some dude trying to get me to stop and listen to his lengthy diatribe about why I should give money to whatever fictional cause he’s supporting.

How did this man address me?

What friendly ice-breaker did he throw my way in an attempt to get me to pry open my wallet and throw a handful of bill his way?

“Hey…Big Fella!!”

That’s right…Big Fella!!

I mean, come on dude…Big Fella?!


To be quite honest, I thought the word “fella” died along with the rest of the Rat Pack, apparently I was mistaken.

That I guess I can shake off.

What’s bothering me now is the fact that he called me “BIG Fella.”

Why “big?!”

Was it the fact that I was crossing the street amongst an Asian tour group; the vast majority of which I towered over by a good foot or so?!


Was it because I’m big…as in hefty…and all of my gym-going has been for naught?! Should I be running to a restroom to vomit or switching to some sort of water and celery diet?!

…the world may never know!!