Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine’s Day Blows

I know that most of the time the complaints about Valentine’s Day come from single folks who find themselves sick to their stomach watching couples prance about in their finest duds as they carry gargantuan bouquets of overpriced roses and big ole boxes of chocolates.

Well I’m a dude who is in a steady, long-term relationship and I am sooooooooo over V-Day it ain’t even funny.

Freshman year of college Grace and I did the whole annoying lovey-dovey couple thing. I got her roses, a big box of chocolates, some teddy bear thing and a gigantic oversized Valentine’s Day card. She was the envy of every single girl in her dorm, and some of the not-single ones as well.

When V-Day came around the next year we went out to eat and got each other presents. The year after that a nice meal and smaller presents because we’d just kicked out money for our anniversary, my birthday and Christmas.

It wasn’t long after that when we decided no gifts would work best and somewhere along the way the idea that a big ole fancy supper was ridiculous dawned us as well. So by the time we were seniors in college we decided that our Valentine’s outing would consist of chimichangas and margaritas…oh and we’d do it the Monday after Valentine’s Day, because the crowds were absolutely awful.

I want to make something clear about my disdain for Valentine’s Day. It’s not just the whole spending tons of money thing that bugs me about Valentine’s Day…although that is a big part of it…really, how many other times a year are you expected to get a freakin’ $6 card for someone you live with and see every day?!

The way I see it, there is no logical reason that I should feel more in love with Grace on some random day in the middle of February than I do on an idle Tuesday afternoon in August or on a Monday in May…it just makes no sense.

I mean seriously, card companies and flower shops shouldn’t have the power to make dudes feel like sucky boyfriends if they don’t overpay for stuff in the middle of winter…it’s just not right.

So to V-Day and all the people who pimp it so hardcore, I hope all ya’ll choke to death on some overpriced chocolate truffles!!