Friday, February 27, 2009

People I May Know

Hey I don't know about the rest of all ya'll out there, but has anyone else noticed that all of the people Facebook recommends as the “People You May Know” are complete strangers?

To date, I think I've actually recognized two maybe three people out of the hundreds of folks Facebook has thrown my way as potential friends.

Maybe what really bugs me, isn't the fact that Facebook is just going around all wily-nilly choosing people who are friends of friends of friends of friends of my friends...but rather, the fact that the folks at Facebook find it necessary to do so at all.

I've already got plenty of friends on Facebook. I've got all my peeps at MIT, folks from MSU, all of The Boys from back home and a rather eclectic collection of random half-naked chicks I've never met from the University of North Texas (a mystery that remains unsolved).

For the most part if I want someone to be my friend on Facebook, I'll send them a friend request or vice versa.


End of story.

There is simply no need for Facebook to be rootin' around everyone's friend list looking for someone I may or may not have met at a keg party sophomore year of college while all blurry-eyed and blitzed on Jag-Bombs.

I don't recognize any of these folks so it's a waste of your time and mine, Facebook. Most of the people you're recommending are either 14-years old or someone's aunt who has just landed awkwardly in the world of social networking.

So please, do us both a favor and just stop telling me who you think I know. If I know them and/or want to have anything to do with them, then I'll handle it. This isn't the first day of freshman year where you need to get everyone from your dorm floor at some sort of sorority mixer for them to make friends.

Don't get me wrong, Facebook, I appreciate the effort...but I'm all-set, thanks.