Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Me Likey Chimichanga...

I am craving some really good Mexican food.

Boston--as I’ve thus far discovered--has no good Mexican food.

In fact two of the top six rated “Mexican restaurants” on Yelp.com are Anna's Taqueria…which tastes a lot like I imagine dog poo would taste if mixed with rice and thrown inside a gross, chewy tortilla.

If anyone knows of any seriously good Mexican food in the greater Boston metro area (read: I can get there via the subway and/or a bus route) please let me know.

Until that happens, I’ll just sit here longing to go to Mazatlan when I get back to Mankato in April and/or Taco John‘s which--sadly enough--is better than the lion’s share of Mexican food I’ve sampled at “real restaurants” here in Boston.


…Gravey wants a chimichanga.