Thursday, February 19, 2009

Better Late Than Never

I’ve given it a lot of thought lately and--you know what--I really like “Scrubs.”

Yeah, I like it a whole big lot.

Prior to Grace and I moving to Cambridge and getting “real cable,” I think I had seen maybe four episodes in my entire life. Not that I didn’t like the show, I just didn’t watch all that much TV and it wasn’t aired all that often on the $8 basic cable package.

Since we moved and got the aforementioned “real cable” I’ve probably seen about twenty episodes and I like the show more and more with each new episode I see.

Perhaps it’s because I have quite the active imagination, much like Doctor J.D. Dorian. Perhaps it is because I’ve had a mild crush on Sarah Chalke since her stint as replacement-Becky on “Roseanne” in the mid ‘90s. Maybe I just dig it because I think the music used on the show is all-kinds of bad-ass.

Whatever the case might be, it has rapidly ascended up my list of favorite shows and I am doing my best to devour as many episodes as possible. Unfortunately, since I am only catching random episodes in syndication on a dozen different channels, none of the episodes are in any sort of order for me to put a storyline together.

I guess I have two options.

I can either go out and purchase all of the seasons on DVD and watch them in order, thus satisfying my need for both order and logic.

Or I could go with the second option and continue watching episodes at random until I’ve seen the show in its entirety.

Either way…“Scrubs” totally rules and I‘m happy to have finally discovered all the awesomeness it possesses!!