Monday, January 12, 2009

Um…Movie Reviews?!

Now perhaps I’ve had too many beers or maybe ‘Terminator 3’ is simply an awful movie. Either way I’m having a very, very hard time understanding the following…

a) Why would Claire Daines be hooking up with the dude playing her husband, because I’m clearly way cooler!!

b) Why would Claire Danes hook up with the dude playing John Conner, because let’s be honest here--I’m clearly way cooler.

c) Why would this Terminator Chick be so worried about killing John Conner, clearly I’m way cooler and she could be hooking up with me instead!!

d) This Terminator Chick is pretty hot…I honestly cannot imagine a better way to die!!!

…and that my Faithful Readers, is my review of “Terminator 3!!”