Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh. Hell. Yes.

Okay, now I’m not going to pretend I’m even remotely political. Honestly, I just recently learned that “Conservative” and “Liberal” are just another way of saying “Republican” and “Democrat” (Right…I didn’t mix those up, did I?!).

I also don’t pay any attention to what’s going on politically or really with the country as a whole. (Worst Journalism Major…EVER!!)

If you asked me right now I couldn’t tell you who we’re at war with (assuming we are still in a war somewhere?!) and I couldn’t tell you what this recession is all about. All I know is that I’m rapidly working my way to the poorhouse and that sorta blows.

I am, however, fully aware that a big ole chunk of the free world would enjoy nothing more than to come along and give America a swift kick in the stones. I am aware that W wasn’t exactly the rockstar (some) people expected as president. I am totally aware that electing a president because he is ‘the guy you’d most like to have a beer with,’ is not a wise move (save that for new hires in the library).

I am also fully aware that Obama—the only dude I’ve voted for to actually win an election—has got a game-plan. He’s going to create some jobs. He’s going to try to stimulate the economy (hopefully with some more handouts to “Joe the Librarian”). He’s going to do a little PR-work of sorts to mend fences with the aforementioned ‘wannabe stone kickers’ of the world. Basically the dude is going to try and fix eight-years of us shooting ourselves in the foot with a bazooka.

It ain’t going to be easy.

And it sure as hell ain’t going to be quick.

There’s a good chance he’ll be long done with what I’m hoping will later be referred to as his first of two terms before anyone really starts to see the big picture.

Either way I’m kind of excited…about politics—which for a dude who is registered as “Apathetic”—seems like a pretty good thing.