Thursday, January 08, 2009

Coolest Thing…EVER!!

For those of you who’ve been constant readers of my inconsistent postings over the last year or so, you may or may not have read about my anti-Burger King decry.

See here’s what went down; before we moved to Cambridge (and unnervingly close to a McDonalds) we lived deep in the heart of Southie. During my daily commute to and from the subway, I’d wander past Burger King.

Unfortunately, my will-power when it comes to fast-food is roughly the same as Joan Rivers’ will-power when it comes to plastic surgery. So I ate a lot of…wait…wait…pump the brakes…did I really just make a Joan Rivers joke?! Damn, I am getting old and/or significantly less funny.


Anyway…needless to say I ate a TON of Burger King in our time there and for good reason, BK kicks out some pretty good crappy food. What I didn’t really think about was the unfortunate side-effect of scarfing down triple Stackers and double Whoppers multiple times a week. I got a lil bit chunky. So much so that I decided I was done with the stuff, no matter how much it tempted me.

As one might expect within one short month I’d already dropped four pounds. I can safely say that it was just because I quit eating BK, I mean come on…there’s no way I was working out more. That’s just ludicrous.

By July—three months after I’d sworn off the King and all of his delectables—I’d already dropped over fifteen pounds. Granted at this point I was also in the midst of a gym-attendance revival and in the middle of softball season where I have a tendency to spend one night a week sprinting all over a softball field for no good reason.

Anyway, back to the point of this little ditty. I’m technically anti-Burger King, but I gotta be honest, they are doing everything in their power to win me back. First it was the Flame body spray, something that I fully intend to get my hands on and blog about in the future.

The kicker, however, came today when I discovered (thanks to the folks at ”A Hamburger Today”) that Burger King is now offering a promotion for their “Angry Whopper” that encourages people to de-friend their Facebook friends for a free Whopper!!

The marketing campaign, entitled ”Whopper Sacrifice” is abso-f’n-lutely brilliant. Who among us wouldn’t ditch ten Facebook friends for a free Whopper?!

Heck, I can think of like twenty profiles that belong to characters from “How I Met Your Mother” that I’d axe in a heartbeat just for some of that sweet, sweet meaty goodness that only the King can provide.

Uh…but I won’t, because I’m anti-Burger King…perhaps all ya’ll might want to check it out.