Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I (heart) Pre-Thanksgiving!!

Ah yes…it is finally here; one of the top three work days of the ENTIRE year. Today is the day before Thanksgiving and although I’m sure all of you already know that, what you may not know is how bad-ass this day is in the work environment. I only say this because the lion’s share of my friends list consists of people still in college.

In college I viewed the day before Thanksgiving as more of a pain in the ass than anything else. I thought to myself, “I really have to show up to class today?! This SUCKS!” And by in large, there was much suckitude to be had. In fact, my Sophomore year and Junior years I had a 6pm class that met on Wednesday…pre-holiday be damned. And of course, me being the gigantic nerd that I am…I went. I earned a butt-load of extra credit for being one of roughly three people who actually showed, but alas, I was still more annoyed by the entire fiasco than appreciative.

Now, in my second year out of college—whoa…I think I just got a little queasy typing that—I’ve come to realize exactly how wonderful this day can truly be for oh so many reasons:

1) I’m going to be getting paid to cram my face full of food and lounge around for the next two days…thus immediate happiness.

2) Today is the day that immediately precedes a day filled with football games and copious amounts of adult beverages.

3) Roughly 80% of the campus has already left making things SUPER quiet here and making my job today all kinds of easy.

4) The majority of the staff has either taken the day off or will be ducking out early this afternoon…thus implying that I’m not in anyway expected to put in more than 30% effort for the day.

5) Everyone is happy and wishing everyone a great weekend. I really like it when people are happy.

And that ladies and gentlemen is why I absolutely love the day before Thanksgiving. It’s not just about the impending paid laziness and gorging or the universally encouraged slacking in the workplace…it’s all about the happiness.

No wait…strike that, it’s all about getting paid to sit on my ass and eat…and the complete day of universal lethargy that precedes it!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Random Burst of Hatred

I hate this scarf.

I don't really know if I have a good reason for hating anything, let alone a poor innocent scarf...but for Pete's sake. I see this scarf on every man, woman, child and even the occasional Great Dane.

This stupid scarf is everywhere in Boston. Sure, it looks sorta cool and goes well with that one brown winter coat you have, but look around...EVERYONE is wearing the same freakin' scarf!!

Every time I see it, I get kinda queasy and think about throwing up on the nearest person wearing the aforementioned scarf and in Boston, in the winter, on the subway...that means I simply need to turn in either direction and let fly with the digestive pyrotechnics.

The End.