Friday, May 26, 2006

My Head Feels Funny

I just got my wisdom teeth yanked out...or..."gently extracted" and now I'm all numb and tingly. I spent like three hours unconscious. Good times, good times. So I will be spending my last Memorial Day weekend in Mankato as a drooling, mumbling mess of a human being, should be tons of fun.

I did, however, get to keep my teeth which is super cool. When I first went in the doc told me that I wasn't allowed to keep them because of some crazy OSHA rule or something like that. But when I woke up, there they were, waiting for me in a little baggy. From this I can deduce one of three things. A) They f'd something up real bad and assumed that if they gave me my teeth I wouldn't sue or B) He was just yanking my chain to get me uber surprised when it was over or C) One of the 438 assistants they had in the room for the surgery decide he/she was in love with me and wanted to make a very subtle, almost creepy, pass at me.

Grace and I are taking a preliminary trip out to Boston in a few weeks. Unfortunately, the only time that really worked was the weekend we had set aside for a big birthday bash for Old Man Kunkel. Luckily though we don't leave until the afternoon on Saturday which leaves us Thursday and Friday nights to get down with our badselves. We are going to be in Boston from the 17th until the 20th as a scouting trip of sorts; checking out apartments, maybe jobs, trying out the public transit system and checking out UMass-Boston. All-in-all, I think it'll be a fun time. I was hoping we could catch a Red Sox game...and if we'd have been able to get the tickets we wanted, for the weeked prior, we totally could have...but alas, it appears as though Fenway will have to wait until I am officially a Bostonian.

Is it weird for an oral surgeon to prescribe ecstasy as a painkiller? Hmmmm...sometimes I wonder how they do things here in Minnesota.

Well I suppose I think I'm going to go gum some applesauce or something. I'm starving, but I can't eat any REAL food for a few times are going to be rough. Pray for my stomach!

That's all for now.

Sunday, May 14, 2006 'bout that?!

So yeah...pretty sure I graduated college yesterday.

People talk about when it's going to sink in and when we're all going to freak out and realize we are now entering the "Real World."

I hate that f'n phrase so much. "The Real World." Everyone who survives college is already living in the real world. We all have to work hard in and out of the classroom to make it through. We all have to stay focused and keep pushing for that last ounce of motivation. We all have to show up to work to pay bills and fund our good times.

Would someone like to tell me how that is different from this so-called "Real World" that we are just now supposedly stepping into?

The way I look at it this is just another of the many accomplishments in life. I'm very proud that I made it and that I graduated with honors. I'm very proud of all of my friends who also graduated. I'm proud of the time that I had in college and the memories I made.

Most of all I'm proud that now is when I finally get to see what I can do on my own in the world. No more teachers offering help. No more parents paying for my health insurance. No more on campus job that I can come and go from as a I please. The world I'm stepping into isn't anymore real than the world I've been living in. It is however more dangerous. I've lost the safety net I've had for the last 22 years. If I fall it's up to me and me alone to pick my ass back up.

...and I think I'm ready.