Friday, January 06, 2006


Well Christmas Break is slowly winding down and I thought it was a good time to tack another blog up on this bad boy. Because I know that all of you (read: both of you) who read this are just dying for another hit.

Break has been just as I figured it would be: just a lot of hanging out at home with the family, hanging out with The Boys, cruising around Hartley talking until all hours of the night, sleeping in and reading some good books.

Personally, I'm about ready to get back to Mankato, not class...but Mankato. I think it's been the two-week long string of cloudy-dreary days that's starting to do me in or the fact that just about everyone is either back to school or busy. Whatever the case may be...I'm ready to head north.

Well...I guess that's about it for all of onto the random stuff...

Conan O'Brien's Skit on 1864 Baseball...HILARIOUS!!

Johnny and Me Starring in "Wedding Crashers"
My apologies if the "Wedding Crashers" trailer doesn't work correctly. The site keeps deleting it and stuff, getting to be a pain in the ass!!

Yeah...enjoy those. Can you tell I'm getting a little boredy-poo near the end of break here? Yeah...that'll happen. Anywho, I suppose that's all I've got for now, I'm sure I'll cook up something else later on and making another very insightful post (riiiiiight)....