Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My Blog...Totally Not Dead!!

Well, I was hoping to have some sort of deep and introspective stuff in my blog, but unfortunately Mike Kunkel took me out for buffalo wings which in-turn resulted in the partaking of a few alcoholic beverages. As fate...and my unconsious desire to keep up with anyone else drinking...would have it...I am now just a weeeeeeeeeeeee-bit on the tipsy (read: drunky-poo) side of things and unable to post a smart, well thought-out and dare I say...life altering blog.

Intead I am forced to leave you with this...

...silly robot!!


Steven Kunkel said...

Aaaaaa...the wonderful aspects of alcohal and all it has to offer. I'm glad you're having a tipsy turny night. Write more!