Tuesday, October 25, 2005


What a long freakin' day!! Today was the infamous Mass Comm Pre-Registration day. Oh how I loathe these things. For anyone who doesn't know how it works, we basically split ALL of the Mass Comm majors into two separate groups. Those who have 80 credits or below and those who have 80 credits and above.

One a Monday morning those with 80+ credits show up, precisely at the ass-crack of dawn...7am! We then line up, single-file mind you, by the total credits we have earned thus far. Then we are allowed to walk along a table and put our names on the class roster of the classes we want to take the next semester. Then you're done. That's right, the actual process...takes like 38 seconds...43 if you stop to sneeze or scratch yourself inappropriately.

Those with 80 or less credits...well these people are basically just Mass Comm wannabes...we've all been there. They show up on Wednesday morning when there are a total of like 4 spots left for any Mass Comm classes the next semester and they go through the same process. However, the poor bastards who get no classes...they get to sign up on the WAITING LIST for classes that are full and if someone drops...and you're next on the waiting list...you're in. Granted if you're the 8th name on a waiting list...hell if you're the 2nd name on a waiting list...you should usually look at taking up another minor...how do you think I ended up with Creative Writing and Speech Comm?

Well basically...now that you know the drill, here's how my day started. I pulled my ass out of bed at 5:45am...yeah, that time actually exists. I ate some breakfast...started my car...bitched to the cats about how cold it was...brushed my teeth...threw on some presentable attire...and out the door I went at 6:30am. It takes about 1/2 an hour to drive to school...park...and walk in.

Then I sat in the hallway of the temporary Mass Comm office (read: basement of the PA building) and proceeded to mingle with some of my Mass Comm homies...like Michelle, Lindsey, short chick, kinda blonde chick, hairy guy and David. Oh good times were had by all.

Then I went to work until noon. Nothing to report about at work. Just a long boring day in the ERC. Then I had a test...took me five minutes. That's either a good five minutes or a really, REALLY bad five minutes. Let's hope for the former on this one! After that I finally got to hang out with Mlady...the lovely young woman in my bio picture...and that was fun. Then I went to night class where Lindsey, Harrison and Captain Charisma (that's me) enjoyed the mindless musings of some aspiring writers and then a good ole workshop session. After that the Quickster (horrible nickname...but I'm good at those!) and I met up with Tom to work on a story for the Reporter. Yeah...that's about it.

Then I came home, realized I forgot to pick-up Kleenexes, so I walked down to the gas station...lovely night for a walk. Snagged some Kleenexes, a powerball ticket and a chicken salad sammitch and walked home. Ate my sammitch. Fed the katts. Ate some brownies. Typed in my blog (read: girly play-by-play boring ass diary)...

The time is now 12:30ish in the AM...so I've been up for um...well awhile...I'm not exactly a math major. But I do know this...Terry Davis...likes my writing. He dropped the N-Word* in relation to a piece of my work tonight...and I was stoked. But anyway...enough of the tangent...I've been up for 143 hours and it's time for beddy-bye.

Night Folks...

...and apologize to both of you who read this!


*N-Word refers to "NOVEL"

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Random Pictures...

I'm bored and figured this was the best way to use a 10 minute study break...my apologies!

The Flag of the Infamous MASS COMMIES Army. You will recognize a Mass Commie by their inability to get a job or make any money after college. They will however be willing to bitch about politics and FOX News...we're good like that!

This is the JEREMIAH GRAVES character that you may have seen in various background segments on South Park. This character is so wildly popular in Japan and Korea that they are contemplating a spin-off series called Far East Park...yeah, that was lame.

I only put this on here, because it makes me giggle like a school girl.

This is from my Facebook. I just found it to be quite amusing...and sadly true :-(
*I'm a Sad Panda!*

...well that was productive. Back to studying, thank you for allowing me to waste 30 valuable seconds of your life!!

Sunday, Sunday...

Ode to Sundays

Oh how I loathe thee Sunday.
You slip into my weekend
and pose as a fun day.

You bring homework and strife
two of the things no one
wants in their weekend or life.

I feel like I'm inside prision walls
thanks to the pain of senior year.
So Sunday...go suck Donkey Balls!!


Ah yes, I feel that little poem (said with pretentious British accent)sums up my feelings toward this evil, evil day. It drives me nuts how fast a weekend goes anymore. I remember when I was back in the good ole days of HMS Elementary and a weekend seemed to last six weeks. Now I can see my friends (if I had any) on the weekends. I can actually leave the house for things other than school...so the last thing I want to do on one of my two...count 'em TWO previous days off a week...is think about school.

Can I get an A'MEN from the congregation?

Thank you my brothers and sisters...thank you.

The thing is, we all do too much shit nowadays. The fact that everyone needs one or more jobs just to afford rent, booze, books, booze, gas, tuition, booze, heat and water, food, booze, and all of the other essentials that fit into our lives...well that fact just sorta sickens me. We are in our early 20's...the prime of life and we are stuck reading books about newspapers from the 1790's, stories we read in third grade and of course writing mind-numbing paper after mind-numbing paper. I think I just puked a little right there. Yep...now my Q key is stuck, son of a bitch.

The mere thought of homework cost me the Q key...

*hangs head and sighs*

Well anywho...perhaps I'll get back on and rant/bitch/complain later...because that's what blogs are for...a chance for us to rant and rave and feel like other people care. Gotta love it. For now I've got a few papers to write, a test to study for and some articles to write for the paper.

Wait...check that...I think I'm just gonna go puke some more from thinking about it!

Peace and Love my Children...Peace and Love!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Bored on a Friday Night...

Well I hate to say it, but I've reached that point. The point where I'm so bored on a Friday night, yes I said a FRIDAY night, that I have succumbed to the evil pull of blogging.

I realize I've mocked, ridiculed and dare I say...verbally bitch-slapped all those who have come before me in this sick and twisted game we call blogging. But the fact of the matter is this, a one Seth Johnson sent me a link to his blog and I've been sliding down a slippery slope ever since.

I've found myself becoming that guy, oh you all know who I'm talking about. The guy who clicks wildly from one link to another, sustaining his life functions with a glucose-filled combination of ice cream sammitches and 2 for 1 energy drinks.

Simply put I must say I've even come as far as typing in the address for FACEBOOK this evening. I haven't pressed return yet...but I'm close. Maybe a little too close. In fact, this whole thing is making me a little edgy right now just thinking about it.

Time to calm down. Take a few breaths. Maybe tinkle...damn cocaine-filled energy drinks...and then plop my ass in bed and get some shut-eye. Assuming my feet quit twitching and my heart stops beating against my rib-cage.